“Steve and his staff have been walking our dogs since July 2010. It’s been almost 4 years and we have used Playa Vista Pet Sitters either 3 or 5 times per week, every week. They have never missed a date and there has never been a problem of any sort. Playa Vista Pet Sitters has also taken care of the dogs on several occasions when we are out of town and we have total trust in them. The dogs are always excited for their walks too. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.”
- Steve Meyers

“I have been using Playa Vista Pet Sitters’ service continuously for 4 years and have had an extremely positive experience; it is reliable, flexible, professional and personal. I have recurring scheduled visits to have my dog walked while I am at work, and have traveled both domestically and internationally while he is looked after at my house, something that is important to both of us because he has extreme anxiety being back in a kennel setting. PVPS has given me advice on socializing my dog, and has even helped me cross over from managing the needs of a middle-aged pet, to managing the needs of a senior pet. I rely on them logistically and as another source of advice when presented with issues pertaining to my dog. I highly recommend Playa Vista Pet Sitters to anyone looking for pet care.”
- Sabrina K.

“Two words. No stress. I’ve been using Playa Vista Petsitters regularly for a year now and could not be more pleased. The convenience of a simple call or text to schedule services is wonderful. I leave home fully confident knowing my two cats are well taken care of. I also like the fact that they are based in Playa Vista close to home.”
- Thank you Steve.