Why choose us?

Our goal is to duplicate as closely as we can the routines for your pet so they remain comfortable happy and stress free in your absence.

  • We live and work in Playa Vista
  • We have over eight years recent experience in pet sitting in Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey and the Westside.
  • You can call us last minute, we are available and located close by.
  • We are mature adults, not kids, we take our pets seriously.
  • We will provide your canine companion a bright spot during the day.
  • We will not have your dog packed into a car with several other dogs.
  • We will not walk your dog in a pack style.
  • We will not have your dog in the vehicles while other dogs are picked up and droppped off.
  • We will provide you with the phone numbers of other clients who have agreed to serve as references?
  • We provide daily update, if you just want to find out how fluffy and fido are doing. As your PCP Plan.
  • We provide a written service contract spelling out services and fees.
  • The walker you first meet will be the only walker that will takes care of you, your home and your pet.
  • We contact you to make sure that you have returned home.
  • We are associated with a veterinarian who can provide emergency services
  • We take the time to understand your pets needs, likesand dislikes to develop a personalized pet care plan.
  • We are family owned and operated and have many years in pet sitting and dog walking.
  • We are licensed in the State of California, in the County of Los Angeles.
  • We are insured.
  • We are bonded.
  • We provide special need such as administration of medication.
  • We offer affordable rates, based on national averages.
  • We utilize a Key Retention Program and Distaster Emergency Plan.
  • We do dog park visits, we know all the good places in town.
  • We do Mountain Hikes.

Pet Trainer Playa Vista

How can I help the pet sitter and my pet?

Of course, even the most trustworthy, experienced pet sitter will have trouble if you haven’t also kept your end of the bargain. Here are your responsibilities:



  • Make reservations with your pet sitter early, especially during holidays.
  • Ensure your pet is well socialized and allows strangers to handle him.
  • Affix current identification tags to your pet’s collar.
  • Maintain current vaccinations for your pet.
  • Leave clear instructions detailing specific pet-care responsibilities and emergency contact information, including how to reach you and your veterinarian.
  • Leave pet food and supplies in one place.
  • Buy extra pet supplies in case you’re away longer than planned.
  • Leave a key with a trustworthy neighbor as a backup, and give him and your pet sitter each other’s phone numbers. Be sure those extra keys work before giving them out.
  • Show the pet sitter your home’s important safety features such as the circuit breaker and security system.

Disaster Plan

Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere and can take many different forms, from barn fires to earthquakes, from a propane line explosion to flooding from a violent storm. Any of these might necessitate evacuation. If you have horses or other large animals, it is important to have a plan to move your animals to a safe area. A plan is even more critical if you have a large group of animals. Do You Have a Disaster Plan?